PIMM™ TAG, Our New Temperature Recording Data Logger With iPIMM™ Benefits

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PIMM™ TAG temperature recording dataloggers empower our customers to collaborate and seamlessly share data with their supply chain partners to measure and improve the overall performance of their cold chain program.

Choose PIMM™ TAG temperature recording dataloggers for end to end visibility in you Pharma or Food supply chain.






- Service(s) are bundled with PIMM™ Tag purchase.

- No software license necessary.




- It’s in the cloud.

- 24x7 access to shipment results for all stakeholders.




- At risk shipments trigger instant notifications via email, SMS or mobile app



Industries PIMM™ TAG Temperature Datalogger Helps:


  • Pharma

  • Logistics

  • Food

  • Transport

  • Healthcare

  • Electronics

  • Packages

  • Chemicals

  • Construction And Buildings



PIMM™ PPT (Projected Product Temperature)


Powered by our PIMM™ PPT technology, each monitored shipment will generate a temperature record collected from the trailer (or container) air and a highly accurate simulated product temperature based on the thermal profile of the transported good.


Simulated product temperatures offer the most accurate representation how fluctuating air temperatures affect the core temperature of the product during transport.



1. Shipper registers the shipment. Based on assigned Product Type, a customized thermal profile is applied to the PPT algorithm.


2. The PIMM™ Tag continuously collects Air Temperature readings during transportation.


3. PIMM™ Tag is downloaded by Receiver.


4. PIMM™ analyses Air Temperature Data and instantly generates PPT Results.


Supplier Benefits:


1. Single Inventory

- PIMM™ TAG temperature recording data loggers are not pre-configured with specific temperature thresholds or alarms. Use the same tag for any customer, for any shipment.


2. Quickly & Easy Registration

- Scan the PIMM™ TAG temperature data logger barcode to launch the Shipment Registration Form on your web browser.


3. Ensure Load is Protected

- PIMM™ TAG temperature recording data loggers have an indicator light to verify tag was properly activated and is ready to monitor.



Receiver Benefits:

1. Instant Download & Analysis

- PIMM™ connect analyses the data set for any temperature deviations within seconds after download.


2. Prevent False Notifications

- PIMM™ connect quickly detects unnatural temperature spikes (ex: tag sits in office prior to download) and smartly suggests an alternate delivery time to discard the invalid temperature data as part of the shipment record.


3. Integrated Records

- Receivers can freely add comments, document product probed readings and upload pictures to ensure all data related to the shipment is accessible and viewable in our integrated PIMM™ Shipment Reports.



Customer Benefits:


1. Product Profiles

- Setup custom threshold limits, violation triggers and scorecards for each product category that you monitor. Better yet, all of these profiles are stored on the cloud (not pre-programmed on the tag) so new rules can be implemented without your suppliers having to order new inventory.


2. Simple Scorecards

- It’s as easy as A, B, C (and F). Each shipment is given an overall letter grade (A through F). Within a few weeks your FSQA department can easily identify problem lanes to improve your overall cold chain.


3. Focused Inbox

- Whether your Food Safety / QA team divides your cold chain program by geographical region or by product category, PIMM™ can be customized to alter shipment access and limit notifications for each employee based on their day-to-day responsibilities.



PIMM™ TAG Temperature Recording Datalogger


- PIMM™ TAG offers an economical solution for our customers to monitor and record temperature sensitive goods during 3rd party transportations.

- It is simple to operate and quickly downloadable via USB.

- It was built to withstand any temperature controlled environment and has a robust battery and memory capacity to monitor any lane both domestically and internationally.

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