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The Role Of Telematics In Fleet & Transport Management

Updated: Mar 2

Building or increasing a Fleet of vehicles can be difficult and expensive. Without the correct software systems fleet and transport management is time consuming, labor intensive and costs can quickly escalate.

By utilizing smart technologies such as telematics, which is a series of technologies that provide real time information on where vehicles are, how they are performing and more your management can control costs by analyzing data retrieved and ensure optimal efficiency.

What Are The Cost Benefits Of Installing Telematics?

While telematics does come with costs, it can slash expenses in other areas. For instance, fuel consumption can be drastically reduced through the proper application of telematics, driver safety can improve, lowering insurance costs, and it is possible to optimize routes, which shortens delivery times or otherwise maximizes trip performance. Return on investment can be estimated by using our ROI calculator.

How To Accelerate Business Growth Efficiently & Quickly

Telematics allows businesses to experiment with previously untested business models and strategies. For example, leasing companies can venture into short-term rentals thanks to improved information on vehicle use and customer needs. For entrepreneurs who hope to offer solutions across the mobility spectrum, this flexibility can be clutch.

Sharing The Costs Of Telematics

Telematics isn’t just beneficial for companies; it is also advantageous for customers, drivers and anyone else who comes into contact with the fleet. Thus, businesses should consider sharing the costs of technology with those who utilize the vehicles. Corporations tend to be especially interested in vehicles equipped with telematics, so B2B fleets are wise to offer this service ready-to-use.

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