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Procuro Webinar & Training Series (temperature dataloggers)

temperature monitoring dataloggers
temperature monitoring dataloggers for quality assurance

Our Webinars on temperature monitoring using data loggers start tomorrow, 03-02-2021 at 11am. Types of temperature monitoring devices will be dataloggers ,LogTags, AirTags and our new PIMM TAG.


- Product profiling. - Thresholds, alerts, violation triggers and scorecards. - Projected product temperature. - What to do if a shipment is rejected . - How to use temperature graph and isolate air and projected product temperature. - Registration process for all stages. - How to increase quality assurance and reduce risk of wastage.. - Moving from paperless to digital, the benefits and challenges. - How to limit notifications for various staff levels.

To register follow link: https://www.pimm.ie/softwarewebinars

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