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Procuro Launches Health Check APP For Prevention Of COVID-19, OCT 2020

Procuro is a software and services company that specialise in Cold Chain Management solutions for the Food, Pharma and Chemical industries. This weeks APP launch is the result of extensive testing and feature packed soft-ware build.

About Procuro

Procuro offers a series of Software as a Service (SaaS) offerings under the PIMM™/iPIMM™ brand which provide cold chain monitoring, product traceability and end to end visibility for their customers and supply chain partners.

Why Develop A Health Check APP

Procuro specialise in cold chain management so why develop an APP for detecting COVID-19 symptoms?

Procuros' Health Check APP came about when their CEO Vincent Gordon wanted a process that would allow their staff to return to working at their offices safely. The Procuro software development team started the process to build a feature rich APP that could provide reasonable safety health checks to ensure staff and visitors are working in a safe environment.

Procuro also created a Home version of Health Check to provide similar protection for family and friends when visiting each other.

Health Check is NOW available on the App Store to help protect you and yours and provides the following features and advantages:

Confidence To Move, Confidence To Travel:

COVID-19 is proving hard to contain and this has had a massive effect on peoples confidence in travel and meeting with others. Video calls have helped to ease this but this is nowhere near as good as face to face meetings and visits. If people are confident there is strict screening processes in place then this is a great step to getting back to some sort of normality.

“What businesses, homes and public buildings need to have is the ability to check all people for COVID-19 symptoms, have these easily available and the ability to share this information. Our Health Check APP can be used as a standalone application or within our cold chain management solution for sharing with others in an organisation. It can also be used at home to protect family and friends" Stephen Osman, Head Of Client Solutions EMEA.

The “Four Stage” Health Check

1. Forehead temperature 2. Blood oxygen levels 3. Heart/Pulse Rate levels 4. COVID Symptom checklist

PIMM Health Check supports both Employee and Visitor screening.

Health Check Benefits:

- Employee and visitor health checks and authorisations. - Visitor pass and badge printing. - Daily, weekly and monthly reports. - Integration with Procuros' management solutions.

When visitors arrive and are tested they will receive a printed visitor badge to prove they have passed the 4-stage Health Check procedure.

To meet GDPR requirements employees and visitors must complete the authorisation form.

How To Get Started Using The PIMM Health Check application?

1. Download the PIMM Health Check App from the Apple APP store 2. Contact Procuro to establish a PIMM Health Check account.

Stephen Osman, +353896179779, sosman@procuro.com

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