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Powered By PIMM™ LogTags

What does a PIMM™ LogTag do?

Our LogTags go on inbound shipments and track the temperature of a product during transit. There are many stages in the LogTags journey. When the shipment arrives at the DC (Distribution Centre) it will be inserted into our USB cradle and the data will upload to the Procuro PIMM™platform , we will then give it a score A-F and the receiver can decide if they want to accept or reject the load. There are 2 types of PIMM™ LogTags, Single and multi use.

Procuro Logtag Reports

Our reports give lots of valuable detail to help the operations team reduce rejected goods, food waste and improve performance of all team members.

Contact us to view a sample report and see why Powered By PIMM LogTags work smarter.

What is, Powered by PIMM™ ?

PIMM™ is an acronym — the formal name is Procuro Information Management Monitor. It was developed out of total frustration by the Ops team having trouble managing too many moving parts at once.

PIMM™ is so much more than an acronym – it’s a Behaviour Modification tool – it’s an Ops teams dream!! The idea was to provide the operations staff with better data, in order to make better decisions, resulting in fewer problems and more efficient operations.

The basis of PIMM™was derived from seven (7) simple principles:

1. The system should be able to monitor any hardware, software or process – “platform agnostic”

2. The system should sort, filter and analyse the data against custom defined thresholds;

3. The system should display the results and suggested corrective actions;

4. The system should be capable of bi-directional controls;

5. The system should be capable of sharing the data amongst all involved parties;

6. The system should have a single user interface – “Buddy Groups”

7. The system should be SIMPLE to use.

Our LogTags run on our PIMM™ platform and our supported by our experienced staff to ensure you get valuable data each time our LogTags are used.

Find out more about our Powered by PIMM™LogTags, call +353896179779 or email sales@procuro.com

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