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The PIMM™ CTM program is the first monitoring program of its kind that allows distributors to share specific temperature performance data with their customer’s / brand owners without sharing every detail of their operations. Our system provides instant feedback and alerts to allow distributors to properly manage their air temperatures across their refrigerated fleet. When an excessive temperature violation occurs the system can project the damage on the underlying products with the use of the PIMM™ Projected Product Temperature (PPT).


The most common cause of conflict between distributors and customers are temperature violations rules that are based solely on air temperature monitoring. In the past, before simulated product temperatures were available, this was the only logical metric for customers to use to ensure products were delivered within their quality specification/guidelines.

The issue is that air temperatures can quickly spike in and out of the designated thresholds without causing much impact to the product integrity and quality. Many times, an external air temperature sensor chart from a route can look downright scary to the customer and could cause unwarranted rejections or claims.

This is the dilemma for the current distributor: “at what risk do we put onto our company by offering greater visibility to our customers?”.

By monitoring both air temperature and simulated product temperature (PPT), the PIMM™ system is the perfect compromise for customers to gain more visibility into their cold chain, while offering distributors a fair system to measure temperature control and delivery performance.


The PIMM™ CTM system was designed to give distributors and fleet operators remote control of their refrigerated fleet. Telematics devices allow for real-time updates of the trailers location and temperature, but it’s how a system utilises that data that is important. Our system analyses the data to trigger real-time alerts and notifications when temperatures fall outside allowable limits.

The aim is to alert our distributor customers to make a corrective action before a temperature event escalates above allowable food safety limits.


Our flag system is based on an escalating alerting system that has three different tiers. The first two tiers (Green & Yellow) are meant for internal alerts / events that would only be visible to the distributor. This will give them ample time to make a corrective action before an event escalates to the highest state (Red Flag), in which the event would be documented and visible to the customer as part of their temperature compliance program.


Distributors can implement a customised temperature reporting system for each key account customer they serve. This allows each distributor to be fairly graded against the KPI metrics that were contractually agreed to for each account they serve. For daily route and temperature management, we recommend to setup alerting at the DC level to the customer settings that have the strictest guidelines for temperature compliance.

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