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Feature Friday

Procuro Solution: PIMM Facility Management System (FMS)

Feature: Audits And Inspections

PIMM™ FMS provides centralized management of zones, thresholds, inspection criteria and corrective action procedures for each cold storage facility.

Each facility receives a “Quality Grade” that can be shared with customers to verify proper cold chain management process and procedures.

- Equipment control and maintenance.

- Receiving, storage, processing and shipping.

- Pest control.

- Cleaning and sanitation.

- Employee practices.

- Employee facilities.

- Employee awareness and training.

- Allergen control.

- Product security.

- Cold chain management.

For demo or trial click here: https://www.pimm.ie/free-demo

To register for webinar series click here: https://www.pimm.ie/softwarewebinars

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