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Feature Friday: Product Profiles

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Feature: Product Profiles

Various types of frozen foods and pharmaceuticals have different stabilities in frozen and chilled storage. Different lots of the same type of frozen and chilled food/product may have different stabilities, depending on many factors including but not limited to the quality of raw material and product ingredients, processing, and packaging materials.

The ability to maintain recommended storage temperatures of products is vital to ensure optimal quality, and extended product shelf life.

Our PIMM™ Analytics (AI engine) system has access to all of the product data throughout the distribution process. The storage and shipment data is analysed by our AI engine in PIMM™ PPT – it is then re-analysed with the product specification and traceability data to determine the number of “Lost Days” of shelf Life. The last calculation is to apply the number of “Lost “Days” to the “Sell by Date” which will determine the new Estimate Shelf Life Date.

Our PPT uses our verified algorithms to predict the temperature of products in the shipment.

Our PIMM Portal grades all shipments which is great for all team members involved.

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