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Feature Friday

Procuro Solution: PIMM™ Transport Management System (TMS)

Feature: Drivers Time & Event Log

- Records odometer, engine run hours, stop times.

- Driver stats are accessible to management through the Procuro online portal.

- Links to our vehicle inspection check list report.

PIMM™ TMS is the ultimate in-cab mobile platform to support “Drivers”. It’s our answer to expensive, proprietary and limited functionality of the on-board computers (EOBR/ELD) solutions in the market today. PIMM™ TMS is jam-packed with Driver-inspired features including Electronic Driver Vehicle Inspection Reports; Route Assignment; Route Navigation; Trailer Temps; Proof of Delivery, Driver Hours of Service (HOS); Driver Performance; Record On Duty Service (RODS);

For demo or trial email sosman@procuro.com

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