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Feature Friday

Procuro Solution: PIMM LogTag

Feature: Air Temp & Projected Product Temperature

PIMM LogTag temperature recorders provide a great form-factor for 3rd party shipments. They provide high-quality data for short/long-haul shipments. Our LogTag USB cradles are both durable and easy to use.

- Our PIMM LogTags are configured to your required settings and alerts by our team. - PIMM LogTags are cradled by the sender, start button pressed and placed on the shipment or product.

- When the shipment arrives at destination the receiver cradles the PIMM LogTag through our iPIMM portal all data can be viewed such as grading, temperature graphs, etc.

- There are 2 temperatures represented on the graph, Air temperature and Our Project Product Temperature (PPT).

- Our PPT uses our verified algorithms to predict the temperature of products in the shipment. Our PIMM Portal grades all shipments which is great for all team members involved.

Our PIMM LogTags are available in single and multiuse options.

For more information on our Free trial or Demo email sosman@procuro.com

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