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5 Minutes With Cold Chain Member, Procuro

We thank all of the team at The Cold Chain Federation for their 5 minutes piece on getting to know us at Procuro.

Over the past many years, Procuro has worked with many customers in the food and pharma industries to determine the best way to measure and manage product temperatures. This work led us to use a globally accepted process of measuring temperature variation (“mean kinetic temperature”), that provides a “Projected Product Temperature” (PPT) based upon the normal fluctuation of environmental conditions, i.e. Cold Storage, Staging, Transport and Delivery.

Procuro is dedicated to working with our customers to provide “End to End Quality Control & Visibility” and using the PIMM™ PPT to more accurately access the thermal condition of each and every product.

We are looking forward to help fellow CCF members in any way we can.

Read the CCF article here: https://www.coldchainfederation.org.uk/news/5-minutes-with-cold-chain-federation-member-procuro-euro-ltd/

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