Our clients utilise our tailor made PIMM software to transform their management procedures for the Food, Pharma and Chemical industries.
Our team are dedicted to providing a superior customer service and ensuring our clients receive problem solving software. 

Procuro, Inc., a Delaware Corporation was co-founded by Vincent P. Gordon, CEO and Bernard P. Lee, former CTO, in April 2001.

Procuro is a software and services company that specializes in Cold Chain Management solutions for the Food, Pharma and Chemical industries.

Procuro offers a series of Software as a Service (SaaS) offerings under the PIMM™/iPIMM™ brand which provide cold chain monitoring, product traceability and end to end visibility for our customers and their supply chain partners.

As a software solution provider (not a hardware company) we strive on developing new applications to help our customers monitor and improve all aspects of their cold chain. Many of our applications were inspired by our current customers to alleviate the common headaches they experience in their day-to-day operations.

Our mission is to automate, intelligently notify and provide practical analysis regarding our customers’ operations.

Procuro, Inc. has a world-wide presence with offices in San Diego, USA (HQ), Dublin, Ireland,  and Guangzhou, China.

The basis of PIMM™ was derived from seven (7) simple principles:

  1. The system should be able to monitor any hardware, software or process – “platform agnostic”

  2. The system should sort, filter and analyze the data against custom defined thresholds;

  3. The system should display the results and suggested corrective actions;

  4. The system should be capable of bi-directional controls;

  5. The system should be capable of sharing the data amongst all involved parties;

  6. The system should have a single user interface – “Buddy Groups”

  7. The system should be SIMPLE to use